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Volume 4 

Number 1 



Frankfurt Book Fair 1995 

Theo Gielen 
The Netherlands 

Now on the Web 

Ann Montanaro 
East Brunswick. N.J. 

The marvelous Frankfurt Book Fair was held from 
October 11 to 16, 1995 with hundreds of thousands of 
books on display, some already in print and some yet to 
be published. Among them the recently published 
movables and pop-up books and, more interesting, the 
projects the packagers and publishing houses are 
preparing for 1996 and 1997. Although this year's fan- 
was called a quiet one, we nevertheless spotted several 
hundred more or less interesting new titles in our 
common field of interest. Not as many as in 1 994, but not 
less collectable! 

We have chosen to describe a selection of the 
highlights and to omit the simple ones, being assured 
Mrs. Montanaro will list all in the future issues of 
Movable Stationery. 

The first stop was Intervisual Books (IBI) from Santa 
Monica. California. For twenty years (IBI) has been "the 
biggest company in the movable book market." Waldo 
Hunt Chairman of the Board of IBI, the charming grand 
old man of the modern pop-up book, showed me the 
promising projects being offered to publishers. Above all 
others there was the new Pienkowski masterpiece: 
Botticelli 's bed and breakfast, a five-section carousel 
format book with over one hundred masterpieces from art 
history placed in the most amazing and amusing places: 
Botticelli's Venus in the shower, Michelangelo's David 
brushing his teeth in the bathroom, etc. No less 
spectacular will prove to be There are the voyages: 
1966-1996. It is a pop-up Star Trek album by Charles 
Kurts. showing the history from the original Enterprise to 
the U.S.S. Voyager, looking at the outstanding ships and 
outposts of Star Fleet, their historic journeys and their 
amazing crews, complete with a good hologram on the 

Slizzie and Brian Sanders developed The romantic 
garden. On a base page 20 x 30 inches, it has five 
bountiful gardens which fold out and pop up in glorious 

detail. Continued on page 4 

The Movable Book Society is on the World Wide Web 

To get to the Web site you need a computer, access to the 
Internet, and Web browser software like Netscape or 

In two years the growth and use of the Web has 
expanded exponentially and the information now 
available ranges from complex technical documentation 
to absurd poetry to family reunions and to everything in 
between. Sites inform and entertain as well as confound. 
Constructing a "location" on the Web is much like pre- 
paring advertising copy. The author must determine what 
message is to be conveyed, determine how it will look, 
encode the content so it will display correctly, and select 
related information which will be useful and relevant to 
people who access the page. 

The Movable Book Society site includes introductory 
information about the Society, a membership application 
form and a sample cover page from a back issue of 
Movable Stationery. Related information changes 
routinely, Web sites are dynamic, new sites are contin- 
ually being added and existing sites are expanded 
Currently linked to the site are online pop-up exhibits at 
Rutgers University, the University of Southern 
California, and Indiana University; information about the 
history of children's literature; profiles of authors and 
illustrators, as well as sites by publishers and book 

If you have access to the Web, visit The Movable 
Book Society site. Some of it is still under construction 
and all suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks to Robert Sabuda for the 
new Movable Stationery masthead. 

The Movable Book Society 

I Movable Stationery is the quarterly publication of The i 
; Movable Book Society. Letters and articles from; 
i members on relevant subjects are welcome. Advertising 
is accepted free of charge from members and is included 
when space permits. The annual membership fee for The 
Society is $15.00. For more information contact Ann 
Montanaro. The Movable Book Society, P.O Box 
1 1654. New Brunswick. New Jersey 08906. 

Daytime telephone: 908-445-5896 
Evening telephone: 908-247-6071 
e-mail: montanarofSlrci. 
Fax: 908-846-7928 
The deadline for the next issue is June 15. 

Book Arts Meeting 

Ellen Rubin 
Scarsdale. NY. 
On Saturday, February 10, 1996. eight seemingly 
diverse people met to share what they had in common, a 
love of pop-up books. It would have been hard for the 
casual observer to tell that most of the attendees had 
never met before, so engrossed were they in each others' 
conversations. The squeals of delight almost gave the 
gathering a reunion atmosphere Who were these people 
and how did they come to be together? 

I'll start with myself. I have collected pop-up and 
eccentric books for many years but recently started to 
take a more academic approach When going "online." I. 
fortunately, was able to acquire the address "popuplady " 
One day I had e-mail with the subject line "I am the pop- 
up lady." The mail was from Joan Irvine, a name I 
instantly recognized as the author of several how to books 
on making pop-ups. We corresponded and I shared with 
her the e-mail address of Ann Montanaro. the founder of 
The Movable Book Society and author of Pop-up and 
movable books: A bibliography. Joan, a collector herself, 
lives in Canada and had not heard of the Society and this 
venerated newsletter. Next came e-mail from Ed 
Hutchins, who had previously only corresponded with 
Joan via e-mail, saying that he was calling a meeting of 
Joan, Ann. and Robert Sabuda and asked "Would I like 
to attend?" Delighted to be in such August company. I 
readily accepted and asked if my friend Jerry Hirsch. also 
a collector, could attend. We were to meet in the Center 
for Book Arts in Manhattan's Noho district. 

On that afternoon. Ed warmly greeted Jem and me. 
the last to arrive. Ed is a book artist/teacher, producing 
varied paper and non-paper creations, mam promoting 
the theme of world peace and tolerance. Robert Sabuda. 
who I had first met at the Metropolitan Children's Book 
Seminar, is known to many as a very popular illustrator 
and paper engineer. After seeing Robert's work. Ed had 
tracked him down but had never met him. Joan and Ann 
were joined by Mimi Schaer. an illustrator and graphics 
artist, and Susan Share, an artist and a teacher at the 
Cooper-Hewitt. Only Ed knew who was to attend, and no 
one really knew if there was an agenda We all just 
showed up. 

The artists immediately exploded into a spontaneous 
exhibition of "Show and Tell " They were spurred on by 
our luiinhibited squeals of "Oohs," " Ahs," and "Oh my 
gods." Such was the intensity of our delight, we were 
asked to quiet down because a class was going on m the 
adjacent workshop. Ed demonstrated his "The shape of 
things" and shared with us how he made several pages 
appear as if they had no cut-outs in the paper at all 
Robert was relieved to learn the secret without resorting 
to taking the piece apart, (his normal modus operandi). 
No doubt he will incorporate this technique into the paper 
engineering course he is preparing to give at The Pratt 

While we passed around Joan's new book on holiday 
pop-ups and congratulated her on her books now being 
printed in Japan, Susan assembled her pieces and put 
them on! All agreed Susan's art was the most dynamic. 
She explained to us while putting a pop-up on her head 
or back, that a full musical/dance number goes along with 
the paper pop-ups. Susan alternately looked like the 
Statue of Libeity', a Chinese dragon, or a stegosaurus. We 
were mesmerized and utterly delighted. Also, fortunately 
for us, Mimi was seeing a client after our meeting, and 
had her portfolio. She has done many pop-ups as 
promotional pieces. Since these items were not mass 
produced, it was privilege to have a chance to see them 
at all. 

Throughout the two hours we spent together. Robert 
kept lamenting not having brought his camera. I was even 
more upset because I had almost brought mine but felt it 
would be presumptuous to take photos of people I don't 
even know. I could not have predicted how fast we would 
become comrades, tied by the mutual awe of the art 
work, and the love of the possibilities of paper art. pop- 
ups. and the messages they can convey. We agreed to 
meet again... the artists, the authors, and the 
collectors... without an agenda 

Member Profile 

Tom Walker 
Vancouver. British Columbia 

I have been collecting pop-up books and making pop- 
up s for 12 years - I made my first pop-up before I 
acquired my first book! In 1990. 1 took a book-making 
course taught by Nick Bantock and Celia King. I have 
also given workshops on making pop-ups. 

One of the mock-ups I did in Nick and Celia's course 
I called "Pop-upology." It reflects my belief that pop-up 
books hold a very special relation to our mental 
functioning Freud talks about the game of "Fort and Da" 
(or peek-a-boo) as marking the point in infants' mental 
development where they begin to notice the permanence 
of objects and to thus make a game out of then- 
disappearance and reappearance. To my mind, this 
makes peek-a-book an immensely important 
philosophical concept and pop-ups the ideal apparatus 
for investigating this concept. 

My pop-ups combine photo-montage and paper 
engineering. I have done hundreds of single photo- 
montage pop-ups and two. complete handmade books. 
One is a panorama style piece, after the style of Lothar 
Meggendorfer's International circus and was submitted 
as part of a (successful) proposal for a program of 
graduate studies in Education. My "magnum opus," 
however, is a six page photo-montage jitterbug pop-up 
using photocopies from a 1940s Life magazine spread by 

My most cherished commercial pop-up books are a 
reproduction of the International circus, The royal family 
pop-up book, and The wheels on the bus. I also have 
several pop-up advertisements and wish I had more. My 
copy of The wheels on the bus is in "very toddled" 
condition, since it is the favorite of my 18 month old. 
Reuben. Strangely enough, I am quite fond of wear and 
tear on a pop-up, provided it is not the result of wilful 
destruction or plain carelessness. 

Recently. I designed a pop-up greeting card to 
advertise my Internet publishing service, knoWWare 
Communications. The card is 5 V* by 7 Vi inches and 
contain a stepped series of eight. V* inch strips, ranging 
from 1 inch high on the ends to 2 14 inches high in the 
middle. I would be happy to trade copies of my ad for 
pop-up advertisements that other Movable Book Society 
members have made. 

Collecting Children's Books 

Dan Stern uses simple, straightforward prose in his 
63-page book The family guide to collecting children 's 
books: Investing in the future while enjoying books of 
today. It is a very basic guide on how to start, develop 
and preserve a collection of children's books, mostly by 
buying modem books as they are published. From 
developing a focus for your collection and determining 
first editions, to getting your books signed and protecting 
their fragile dust jackets, this book is a useful guide. 

The $12.95 large, softcover book is published by DMS 
Publishers, P.O. Box 1972 Santa Monica, CA. 90406. 
ISBN: 0-9623549-1-0. 

Making Pop-ups 

If you are interested in learning to make pop-ups there 
are several locations where courses are being offered. 

Susan Joy Share is teaching "Pop-up books in the 
classroom" at the National Design Museum, 2 East 91st 
Street, New York City, on Saturday, March 23. On 
Friday or Saturday, May 10 or 11 she will teach "Pop-up 
books" at the same location. Each course is from 10 a.m. 
until 3 p.m. and there is a nominal charge. For more 
information contact the museum at 212-860-6321. 

"Pop-ups, pop-ups, pop-ups!" is being taught by 
Barbara Lazarus Metz at the Columbia College Chicago 
Center for Book and Paper Arts. The course will be held 
from April 16-May 7 on Tuesdays from 6-9. The class is 
limited to 10 people and there is a charge of $145. To 
register call 312-431-8612. 

Carol Barton's course "Pop-up structures" is available 
at the Center for Book Arts, 626 Broadway. 5th Floor. 
New York. It will be held on March 23 and 24 from 10 
am. until 4 p.m. and costs $215. Call 212-460-9768 for 
additional information. 

Questions and Answers 

Q. Are you attending the Bologna Children's Book 
Fair? If so, please be sure to stop by my booth and say 
hello. I would very much like to meet other collectors and 
people interested in pop-up books. 

Missiroli Massimo 

Forli, Itarv 

Q. I rarely see an out-of-print that I must have, but 
recently I was shown a copy of Tonue de Paola's 
Giorgios village (1982. Putnam) which I would love to 
locate. Does anyone have a cop) I can purchase? 
Carol Barton 
6005 Yale Ave. 
Glen Echo. Md 20812 

Q. I am interested in making some new friends overseas 
and would love to correspond with people who have 
similar interests. I am 26 years old and I am studing at 
Art School. I belong to a paper and book group held at 
the University. 

Leonie Oakes 
100 Bmalong Rd. 
Mornington 70 1 8 

Q. Would any member of the Society' have any 
information about either of these two books I have, such 
as the publishing history or whether they were part of a 

A Snow-iVhite and the seven dwarfs. Moveable Picture 
Book by Hilde Langen. With verses by Martha 
Strachwitz. Translated by Bert}' Van Vhet. Publishers: 
"Zu den Sieben Zwergen," Dornach near Basel, 
Switzerland. Copyright 1947. Lithographed and printed 
by Art Institute Orell Fussli AG. Zurich. (This book has 
strong cardboard type printed white cover with gold tape 
binding. Each pages is taped and glued together. The tabs 
are strong cardboard type and the movement is by coiled 
metal rivet - much like Meggendorfer books. Usually one 
tab creates one movement. One fold out at end of book.) 

Little Red Riding Hood. Movable Picture Book by Hilde 
Langen. Verses by Martha Strachwitz. Translated by 
Barbara Betteridge. Publishers "Zu den Sieben 
Zwergen," Dornach near Basel, Switzerland. Copyright 
1960. Reproduced and printed by Wasermann SA. 
Basle. (This book like the above. Both books are in 
verse. This book has one page where one tab creates four 
different movements. There is also a wheel movement at 
the end of the book on a foldout.) 

These are exquisite books, obviously all hand 
assembled. Any information would be most welcome. 
Irene Brown 
6521 Crown Lane 
Zionsville. Pa. 18092-2326 

Q. In the December issue of Movable Stationery the 
1995 winners of the 7th Annual 3 -Dimensional Awards 
competition were listed. I would like to know who the 
award winners were for the previous 6 years. It is 
possible to publish the previous winners? 

Irene Brown 

Q. I recently purchased a copy of The Bremen Town 
musicians. It is #3 of the Pocket Pop-ups series 
published by The Golden Acorn Publishing Co Ltd. 
Stafford UK. in 1979. 1 would like to know the other 
titles in this series. Please let me know if you can identify 
any other title. 

Ann Montanaro 

A. There are six titles in the Pocket Pop-up Series and 
they were issued in a special slipcase. The titles are: 

1. Jack and the beanstalk. ISBN 0-89346-147-4. 

2. Treasure Island. ISBN 0-89346-143-1. 

3. The Bremen town musicians. 0-89346-148-2. 

4. The ugly duckling. ISBN 0-89346- 144-x. 

5. Puss-in-boots. ISBN 0-89346-146-6. 

6. Thumbelina. ISBN 0-89346-145-8. 

They all show a 1979 copyright from Sanwa Jitsugyo 
Co., Japan. 1980 first English edition by Heian 
International, Inc. All have a similar format of 8 pop-ups. 

Dennis Frahmann 
Los Angeles, CA. 

The Movable Book 



April 18-20, 1996 

Brunswick Hilton and Towers 
East Brunswick, New Jersey 

Papers, Presentations, Workshops, 

Books for sale and to swap, 

Exhibits and more! 

Contact Ann Montanaro 

for registration information. 


1 m - Awful 

2 ■& - POOR 

3 -fr - OK 

4 "w" - Good 

5 'w' - Superb 

^A^ Action Robots. By Tim Reeve 111: Gavin 
\jfj< MacLeod. Paper Eng: David Hawcock. Dial 
m^m Books. 0-8037-1843-8. $16.95 US. 
20x28cm. 7 spreads, signature sewn. 4 pops, 5 tab 
mechs. Art: Realistic airbrush. Plot: History, types 
and purposes of robots Art and design standard fare, 
but the engineering which uses string creates some 
impressive movements. Paper Eng: Complex. 

Creepy Crawly Creatures. By Ted and 

Linny Levin. Ill: Warren Cutler. Paper Eng: 
Rick Morrison. Nat'l Geographic Society. 
0-7922-2975-4. $21.95 US for NGS members, 
$27.50 for non-members. Sold only as a pair with 
Undersea Treasures (see below). NGS Tel. 1-800- 
647-5463. 22x23cm. 5 spreads, accordion bound. 5 
pops, 10 tab/flap mechs, 1 detachable moth. Art: 
realistic watercolor. Plot: Title says it all. Pops are 
intricate, but art is weak. Paper Eng: Complex. 

^A^ The Earth Pack -Tornados, Earthquakes, 
AJJLjV Volcanos - Nature's Forces in Three- 
^Sl^" dimensions. By Ron Fisher. Ill: Paul 
Crompton. Paper Eng: Ron van der Meer & Mark 
Hiner. The Nat'l Geographic Society. 0-7922-2957-6. 
$40 US, $56 Can. 28x28cm. 8 spreads (some with 
half pages that pull-out from sides), signature sewn. 
1 1 pops, 9 tab mechs, 3 wheels, 1 pair of 3-D glasses 
to view the "moving illustrations," 1 detachable 
cyclindrical world map, a 40 pg. soft cover glossary, 
a 30 minute audio cassette of eyewitness accounts of 
natural disasters. Art: Realistic paintings and photos. 
Plot: An exhaustive look at Mother Nature's bad 
days. Good, but my God is it busy. I needed a nap 
when I was done. Paper Eng: Simple to Complex. 

My grandmother lived in Gooligulch. By 

Graeme Base. Paper Eng: John Baker and 
Keith Moseley. Abrams. 0-8109-4288-7. 
$19.95 US. 9 spreads, signature sewn. 5 pops, 3 tab 
mechs. Art: Alternates between brown pen/ink line 
drawings and full-color watercolors. Plot: A grand- 
mother's adventures with various animals in 
Australia. Based on the 1983 picture book. Not very 
exciting. Illustrations and design poor. Paper Eng: 
Simple (and rather "ho-hum"). 


Perfect Pop-up - Greeting cards the easy 

way. By Tom Nelson. Self-published. No 
ISBN. $10.00 US, includes shipping (Minn- 

esota residents add $.65 sales tax). Available from 
author at 800 Washington Ave. North, Minneapolis. 
KIN 55401, USA. 21x28cm. 32 pgs, plus 4 full-size, 
card stock templates. Soft cover. Art: B&W pen/ink 
drawings. Plot: A complete how-to guide for making 
simple pop-ups. Teaches basic push-up and V-fold 
technique using easy to understand language and 
illustrations. Templates can be cut and folded to get 
you started. A must for 
anyone who wants to 
make their first pop-up. 

Star Wars - The Mos Eisley Cantina 
Pop-up Book. By Kevin J. Anderson & 
Rebecca Moesta. Ill: Ralph McQuarrie. 
Paper Eng: Chuck Murphy & Heather Vuhs. Music: 
John Williams. Little Brown. 0-316-53511-7. $19.95 
US, $26.95 Can. 21x32cm. 8 spreads, signa- ture 
sewn. 1 pop, 1 musical chip, 3 red lights. Art: 
Realistic paintings. Plot: The famous cantina from 
the film Star Wars and stories about it's patrons. 
Informative, but rarely does one pop with three lights 
make a great movable book. Paper Eng: Simple. 


Undersea Treasures. 

By Emory Kristof 111: 
Peter Fiore. Paper Eng: 
Tor Lokvig. National 
Geographic Society. 
0-7922- 2977-0. $21.95 
for members, $27.50 for 
non-members. Sold 
only/w Creepy Crawly 
Creatures (see above). 
22x23cm. 5 spreads, accordion bound. 5 pops, 7 
tab/flap mechs, 7 flaps, 1 paper manicure set 
(including ear cleaner). Art: Realistic watercolor/ 
pastel. Plot: Search for treasures from sunken 
vessels. Informative without being wordy, 
nice art & pops. Paper Eng: Complex. 


Robert Sabuda is a New York City based author, 
illustrator and paper engineer. 


Frankfurt Book Fair, continued from page 1 

Jean Claverie's Fairy tale theater, uses the same 
technique as the Winnie-the-Pooh 's pop-up theater 
book, but Claverie's book folds out like a accordion, 
showing the five stages at once, one beside the other. 
Folding out to large three-dimensional scenes are the 
Pop-up Play Sets IBI had on display: On the farm and 
The fairytale village, revealing by opening a complete 
farmhouse, barn, well and chicken coop in the first, and 
four fairytale houses in the second book. 

New concepts formed three "Pop-up Book & Mobile 
Kits": Mother Goose, Great planes of the century and 
Winnie-the-Pooh, offering not only a pop-up book but 
also half a dozen pop-ups from the book to hand as 
mobiles! They also showed a Pop-up playhouse book, 
consisting of a stud} board doll house with solid furniture 
to assemble yourself, and a (plastic) puppet family of 
father, mother, boy and girl. 

Striking projects planned for 1997 were a Carousel 
book, a coffee-table book on roundabouts. It has minimal 
text and many pictures, including two very intriguing 
spreads: one showing how the horses go up and down, 
the other having a real part of the roundabout coming up 
from the pages complete with all the colors, paintings and 
mirrors. It is so lifelike your think you can hear the music 
of the barrel organ! 

Also for 1997 is an exquisite pop-up masterpiece by 
the young newcomer Laslo Batki. Reflections of the Age 
of Elegance, a pop-up book with glazy pictures mirroring 
the 3-D scenes, designed in eighteenth-century Rococo 
style with much pink and many curls, wigs and knee 
breeches. A must for any collector. 

Mr. Hunt told me he also plans to do a book on the 
history of the movable book with real examples of 
movables and pop-ups from the past as done by Dean, 
Meggendorfer, Nister, Lentz, Giraud and others. We just 
hope he will make a wonderful book since there is much 
material in the history to examine. Kind of a movable 

Finally FBI offered the obligatory sequels, like a new 
David Carter: Bugs that go bump in the night (with a 
pop-up buggy mask to wear!, four new Mick Inkpen 
minis, two new Piehkowski Furrytail title, six new mini 
pop-up gift books, four new Scarry ones, and lots of new 
Disney movables and pop-ups such as the new feature 
The hunchback of Notre Dame. 

The Intervisual stand really was eyecatching, though a 
bastion for the non-trade visitor, with its whole border 
filled with many machines constantly turning the pages of 
pop-up books! 

Accessible by contrast was the stand of the next big 
company offering pop-ups: Compass Productions from 
Long Beach. California, with master paper engineers 
Keith Moseley and Dick Dudley. They are producing 
books with high quality illustrations and often very 
innovative paper engineering. Maybe the best of all is the 
new Moseley/Leonard/Scuomski title: Classic motor- 
cycles in three dimensions . To be published by Warner 
Press in 1996, it offers the history of motorbikes and 
forms the fourth of that superb series of Flight, Sailing 
ships, and a Century of motorcars, done in the 1 980's. 
Their book The Haggadah of Passover, with pop-up 
spreads adapted from a very old manuscript, The Bird's 
Head Haggadah (ca. 1 300), held in the Israel Museum is 
a marvelous book for children and adults alike. It will be 
published in the U.S. by Kid's Books in 1996. Three 
books with real paper machines that can be taken out of 
the books to play with, Race cars, Bulldozers, and 
Muckshifters, will be published next year by Dorling 
Kinder sley. 

Mr. Moseley appeared to be most proud of having the 
first pop-up book for which the well-known British 
illustrator Linda Birkinshaw did the illustrations and the 
paper engineering. Badger 's island (Baby's First Book 
Club, Bristol, USA), and the dummy for her second 
pop-up, Badger 's Christmas eve, a yuletide pop-up for 
next Christmas. 

There were dummies for a nice, new series of religious 
pop-ups done in a shadowbox technique. They are an 
example of how a simple technique results in a wonderful 
pop-up: God loves you (to be published by Thomas 
Nelson); a nice, nostalgic On angels wings, (to come 
from House of Lloyd, Grandview, Missouri); and Dick 
Dudley's Noah 's pop-up ABC. The funny Noah and 
sons, a shipbuilders and arkwrights company has nice 
paper works by Mr. Moseley. 

Nouveante's produced two titles With love and With 
friendship, compilations of romantic verse and paper 
flowers in an octagonal book with a highly nostalgic look 
(Thomas Nelson): and also (published by Abrams) 
Gardens of love, perfumed overtures in three 
dimensions. All with intricate paper engineering by Keith 


Compass has produced the work of a new. voung paper 
engineer. Ewen Mack. The beautiful book Special homes 
for special people, a 3-D book with the homes of early 
name inhabitants such as the Inuits, Tlingit, Sioux, Hopi 
and Seminole, includes as well an extra - a native crafts 

Also from Compass. The little rabbit who wanted red 
wings and a very charming Garden album. The latter has 
enchanting dimensional garden scenes, poetry from the 
Secret garden and pockets for your own garden pictures, 
done in the style of a voluminous Victorian photo album. 
To end this selection. Brian Bartel (from the studio of 
Mr. Moseley's son) did Dangerous mission, starting with 
a pop-up comic page. All together this wonderful 
collection of new titles from Compass includes items not 
to be missed by any collector. 

The honor of producing the first pop-up comic has to 
be reserved for another old master of paper engineering 
James Roger Diaz of White Heat Ltd. The Star Wars title 
Battle of the bounty hunters will be published by Dark 
Horse Comics next year. Some other new Star Wars 
pop-ups done by White Heat (for Little Brown) were The 
Galactic Empire, The Rebel Alliance, and Star Wars 
Jabba 's palace, the last one also including some noisy 
sound chips. Innovative for its technique will be Winnie 's 
moving day. a book that transforms into a peepshow once 
an ingenious foldout has been slipped in another one. 
Also from White Heat a new title by Lynette Ruschak 
One hot day. 

Ron van der Meer. of Van der Meer Paper Design, 
though very busy as always selling the rights of the 
music, art. and math packs to still more countries - 
selling already far over a million copies - did finish The 
lads art pack, coming from Knopf in 1996. He also did 
The Earth pack for National Geographic with a 
wonderful presentation of the consequences of an 
earthquake - but otherwise a lot of things seen earlier! 
Van der Meer additionally did The pick and shop 
marketplace (from Random House), resembling The 
market day by Bateson and Lelie. 

Roger Culbertson. for the first time in Frankfurt with his 
own firm Designimation Inc.. had on display his series of 
Tell Tale Theaters (six titles already published), the 
twelve titles of mini pop-up gift books published by 
Running Press, and a brand new 3-D kid: Pop-up guide 
to your body and how it works, to be published by 
Freeman Scientific America. 

Electric Papers from London had a new pop-up in their 
series of Animal builders. Deadly creatures. Savage cats 
and Nature 's creatures of the dark. John Woodward's 
Nature 's little builders, as beautiful and refined in its 
paper artwork as the other volumes. Finally ready for 
publication are The Earth in three dimensions by Keith 
Lye (Dial Books), with a 3-D globe that really spins. The 
dragon arid the magic key, a colorful pop-up fairytale by 
Bee Willey: and Can dogs fly?, a very funny pop-up 
book of transportation puzzles with intricate paper 
engineering by Nick Denchfield. 

Sadie Fields Productions showed a lot of new 
productions to be published from Christmas 1995 and in 
the spring 1996. Among the titles that struck us were the 
new Ian Dicks and David Hawcock Unwrap the mummy, 
with a large mummy to unfold that can be hung on the 
wall Some dinosaur titles (still!) including 
Tyrannosaurus rex by John Sibbick with a large three- 
dimensional model, not easy to unfold but a wonder of 
paper engineering; and the pull-out pop-up Dinosaur 
bones by Philip Hood. 

Following the hype for the Middle ages, Sadie Fields is 
producing John Howe's Knights, revealing the 
components of a suit of armor and showing a medieval 
battlefield with knights on horseback, the myths of King 
Arthur, and courtly love. And. they do a nice book by 
Tim Reeve, Action robots, showing interactive robots 
working in a factory, in space, underwater, etc. A series 
of three booklets, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow 
White transforms by a simple means into a stand-up 
fairytale house complete with a three-dimensional 
interior done by Raymond Elson and illustrated by Susan 

The multinational Reed Children's Books had on 
display another Fairground pop-up done by Claire 
Fletcher, a stunning book with pop-ups on every page 
reflecting all the color and excitement of the fairground. 
And they were still offering the Fairy tale palace, a 
marvelous pop-up by the well known couple Maggie 
Bateson and Herman Lelie, available last year but now in 
a completely reworked dummy. The big and detailed 
palace has not yet been issued. They also announced the 
first pop-ups by Andre Amstutz, an established illustrator 
of children's books. Four titles in the spooky genre are 
Halloween express, The mummy's tomb. Dinosaur 
danger and Creepy castle. 

Wild Honey, the quality imprint of Ottenheimer. had 
the first finished copies of the beautiful pop-up 

Gutenberg 's gift (Harcourt Brace), coming next year in 
a German edition from Schreiber. translated by 
Hildegard Krahe. Though some of the titles they 
announced last year have not yet been published, as then 
publisher Bea Jackson told us. they have some nice new 
titles to offer. Galileo 's universe is a pop-up by J. Patrick 
Lewis on Galileo's first experiments and his fascinating 
discoveries. The night before Christmas is an advent 
sticker pop-up book, illustrated by David Wenzel. with a 
nice, nostalgic fold-out Christmas tree to decorate with 
stickers found behind the 24 windows of the advent 
calendar. The pond song pop-up book by Debbie Leland. 
has illustrations by Barry Moser. Wild Honey also 
announced a series of pop-up books based on the 
nostalgic, 1930s Louis Moe illustrations of anthropo- 
morphic animals. 

Incidentally, Wild Honey was one of the few packagers 
to have a catalog of their new publications. Others were 
Intervisual (in black and white only). Compass Pro- 
ductions, having a very well done sort of fly leaf entitled 
"Magical pop-ups that soar...", which did not include 
their new projects; and Sadie Fields, for their own 
imprint/publishing house Tango Books. 

Bellew Publishing (London) continues the success of 
The doll's house carousel with other carousels. The 
witches ' scary house by Mick Wells and James Herriot 's 
Yorkshire village carousel by Jane Reynolds and Paul 
Wilgress (St. Martin's Press, New York). They are 
wonderful items though "more of the same." 

Tom Partridge, who did The castle carousel, presented 
some new pop-up panoramas under the series title The 
Big Tops. John Howe together with Anne McCaffrey 
designed Dragons for Bellew. and Jane Reynolds did 
three Little House Carousel Story Books: Arthur s house, 
Anna s house, and Sophie s house. Bellew also showed 
four very cute mini-carousels: Polly at the beach. Polly 's 
palace, Polly goes shopping and Polly on safari, 
together called Polly Pocket Mini-Pops. 

We had an animated talk with Mr. Christian Legrand. 
a paper engineer of French origin who runs his own firm, 
ORCH Print Ltd. in Thailand. They did such beautiful 
books as Mem wunderbares marchenbuch (Coopenrath 
Verlag, Germany) and the series of Caverns, Castles, 
Indians and Cowboys published last year by Universal 
Sales and Marketing, and many, many more. But at our 
meeting he was in a great state about the injusticehe 
thought had been done to him. Mr. Legrand takes credit 
as the inventor of the "crazy cubes." paper cubes that can 

be flattened just by pushing on them and which pop out 
again (by means of a rubber band) as a cube when you 
take your hand off. But. Paul Strickland of Ragged Bears 
(London) used the idea, copyrighted it and has published 
two books with these crazy cubes: Paul Strickland s ABC 
bouncy boxes and Paul Strickland's 123 bouncy boxes. 

Nevertheless, LeGrand's firm also developed two 
books, Crazy cubes: Leant to read and Crazy cubes: 
Lear-n to count. But. more innovative and creative 
seemed to us the idea of using these cubes for their 
publication Pop-up puzzle. In that book the cubes are 
designed as a variation of the old wooden 
cubes.illustrated on all six sides with parts of pictures 
(mostly fairy or farm) and resulting in six different 
pictures once the corresponding sides of the cubes were 
up! He also combined with that another old children's toy 
the Jack-in-the-box since the "crazy cubes" plop out of 
the box once opened. 

Mr. Legrand had also a new series of five fairytale pop- 
ups: Torn Thumb. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood. 
The Beauty and the Beast, and Goldilocks in the same 
format and design (a cover that opens to reveal one big 
pop-up scene) as the series Universal Sales and 
Marketing did last year. And. after the success of the 
Becassine carousels last year, they have Babar carousels: 
A day in the life of King Babar and Christmas night with 

Blaze International Productions Inc. has the finished 
copy of Leonardo da Vinci by Jerome Corsi 
(Pomegranate Artbooks) on display and There was a 
crooked mart, a pop-up book shaped like a parallelogram 
and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley. Only the dummies 
could be seen of two promising titles, Angels and 
Magical beasts and Clare your eyes by Noah Connon. an 
innovation usmg those doll's eyes that open and close by 
wiggling the book. 

Hazar Publishing had a wonderful The magic show by 
Richard Fowler and David Woos, showing the 
"Levitating Elephant," the "Snake Charmer" and the 
"Elastic Girl" and a host of other tricks and illusions. 

Watts Books had the sequel to the best selling The most 
amazing pop-up science book by Jay Young, a book that 
will not win the prize for the most original title of the fair. 
The even more amazing science pop-up book. It has a 
working telephone, a gravity clock, scales, binoculars, 
and an abacus. But there is no trace of the two sequels 
they announced two years ago. The most amazing pop-up 

computer book with a working computer and The most 
amazing pop-up radio book with a working radio (paper, 
of course). A pity for both books looked wonderful. 

By the way. there really is an annual prize for the 
funniest or most original book title. This year's winner 
was the Hunt & Thorpe title The baby Jesus touch and 
feel book. Other titles nominated for this Diagram Crroup 
Prize for the Oddest title, the official name of the prize, 
were A social and economic history of margarine: 
Virtual reality: Exploring the bra: Amputee 
management -A handbook: and Androgynous objects: 
String bags in central New Guinea 1 . 

In addition to the packagers, many "normal" publishing 
houseshad op-up books. They are included here with no 
attempt to describe them all. Along with the finished 
copies of his first pop-up book Waiting for 
Filippo,(Chiomc\e Books) Michael Bender showed 
some artwork for a second title All the world's a stage. 
an introduction to the world of Shakespeare. Brian 
Wildsmith did a new pop-up book The creation for 
Oxford University Press as beautiful as Noah 's ark 
which he did last year. 

Kveta Pacovaska's new book Flying (North South 
Books) looks more like an artists' book .and was surely 
one of the most beautiful productions at the fair. 

National Geographic continued their series of action 
books with Creepy crawly creatures and Undersea 
adventure (the first title in the series not on animals). 

Duncan Baird Publishers from London showed the first 
finished copies of Christos Kondeatis' Pandora 's box 
with a wonderful three-dimensional Trojan horse, but 
with less papeT engineering than his two earlier books 
based on the Bible. 

For those loving books with inserts. Cartwheel has 
Mommy 's briefcase by Alice Lour, Abbeville Press will 
publish (translated from German) the sequel to Letters 
from Felix by Annette Langen, Felix travels back in time. 
Houghton Mifflin has Letters from Christmas by J.R.R. 

Jonathan Cape will bring out David Pelham's gimmick 
The sensational samburger. a book shaped as a real 3-D 
hamburger, a horror in your bookcase! Frederick Warne 
has several new pop-ups and movables derived from the 
books of Beatrix Potter and Cecily Man Baker, The 
flower faeries pop-up theatre and the two carousels 

Peter Rabbit and Tom Kitten. Breslich and Foss from 
London offered a beautiful The secret garden pop-up 
with four pop-up spreads to tie together as a carousel and 
including a set of paper dolls from the beloved classic 
children's book It will be published by Scholastic 

Of the two Mexican publishers which offer pop-ups. 
CIDCLI was not present at the fan although they were in 
the catalog, and Pangea Editores published just one title 
(Teotihuacan) from the series they announced last year 
on the pre-Columbian civilizations. 

Finally. Hunt & Thorpe from England had religious 
pop-ups and movables in their catalog. A highly original 
version of Noah's ark is Look for the rainbow by Linda 
and Allan Parry, incorporating a peepshow looking out at 
the rainbow which is constructed in multi-colored acetate 
on the back cover of the book. They announced an 
original pop-up book by the same couple, The amazing 
pilgrim 's progress story. It will be the first time since the 
early 19th century Harlequinades that John Bunyan's 
story will be used for a movable 

This is just a selection of all we saw at the Frankfurt 
Book Fair 1995! It is a personal selection, our pick of 
what we think will be collectible and of interest to readers 
of Movable Stationery. We have omitted the simple, 
fanfolded pop-ups published by Ottenheimer. Gran- 
dreams, Grange Books. Peter Haddock. Crown. Derry- 
dale, and others Believe us, they again had many, many 
new items! 

The next Frankfurt Book Fair will be from October 2- 
7, 1996. Make plans to be there, but be prepared! 

Catalogs Recently Received 

Each of these catalogs includes 
pop-up or movable books. 

Aleph-Bet Books. Catalogue 49. 218 waters Edge, 
Valley Cottage. New York 10989. 

Books of the Ages. Supplemental Catalogue No. 8A. and 
Catalogue 9. Gary Overmann. 4764 Silverwood Dr.. 
Batavia. Ohio 45103. 

Harold Burstein & Company. "Early American 
Juveniles" Catalogue 149. 36 Riverside Dr. Waltham. 
MA. 02154. 



Robin Greer. Catalogue 98, Christmas 1995. 29 Oxberry 
Ave., London, SW6 5SP. England. 

Jo Ann Reisler, Ltd. "Fine Children's & Illustrated 
Books: Early-winter miscellany 1995" and Catalogue 32. 
360 Gryndon St., NE, Vienna, Va. 22180. 

Unicorn Books. Catalogue 70 and "Pop-ups." Sheila 
Feller. 56 Rowlands Ave.. Hatch End. Pinner. HA5 4BP. 

New Publications 

The following titles have been identified from pre- 
publication publicity, publisher's catalogs, or adver- 
tising. All titles include pop-ups unless otherwise 
identified. Titles reviewed in Robert Sabuda's "Movable 
Reviews" column are not included in this list. 

3-D lad. Roger Culbertson. designer and paper engineer. 
Freeman. $19.95. 9 'A x 16 case from which attached 18 
x 4 1 Vi 3-D poster folds out. 

Backyard cowboy: A pop-up book. By Barney Saltzberg. 
Hyperion Books for Children. April. 12 pages. 6 x 8 14 . 
$i 1.95. 0-7868-0204-9. 

Ballet magic: A pop-up book. Cartwheel Books. April. 
12 pages. 7x7. $12.95. 0-590-26242-4. 

Caterpillar to butterfly. Cartwheel. March. 8 pages. 
4x4. $4.95.0-590-54345-8. 

Disney 's Beauty and the Beast: The true prince. A Tiny 
Changing Pictures Book. Disney Press. March. 10 pages. 
3 %x3 Va. $4.95. 0-7868-5754-4. 

Disney's Pocahontas: The first meeting. A Tiny 
Changing Pichires Book. Disnev Press. March. 10 pages. 
3 74x3 %. $4.95. 0-7868-5754-4. 

Easter babies. Little Simon Merchandise. 10 pages. 

4x4. 0-689-80611-6. $4.50. 

Also: Easter counting. 0-689-80612-4. 

Easter egg count. 0-689-806 13-2. 

Easter Sunday. 0-689-80614-0. 

3 9088 01629 2740 

The Galactic Empire: Ships of the Fleet. Little Brown. 
April. 10 pages. $15.95. 0-316-53510-9. 

Happy birthday 1-year-old. By Simone Abel. Dial. 
March. 12 pages. 5 % x 5 %. $7^95. 0-8037-1921-3. 
Also: Happy birthday 2-year-old. 0-8037- 1 922- 1 . 
Happy birthday 3-year-old. 0-8037- 1 924-8. 
Happy birthday 4-year-old. 0-8037-1925-6. 

Monkey pop-ups. A book of colors. Cartwheel. April. 8 
pages. 7 !4 x 7 /-.. $6.95. 0-590-54315-6. 
Also: Monkey pop-ups. A book ofopposites. 

Noodles. David Carter, illustrator and paper engineer. 
Festival. May. 20 pages. 7 V 2 x 7 'A $15.95. 

Parading with piglets: An ABC pop-up. By Biruta 
Akerbergs-Hansen. National Geographic Society. March. 
10 pages. 8 14x8'/:. $16.95.0-7922-2711-5." 

The Rebel Alliance: Ships of the Fleet. Little Brown. 
April. 10 pages. $15.95. 0-316-53509-5. 

Richard Scarry's pop-up colors. Little Simon. April. 
10 pages. 0-689-80330-3. 

Richard Scajry's pop-up numbers. Little Simon. April. 

Robert Crowther's pop-up Olympics. Candlewick Press. 

April. 12 pages. 8 !4x 10. $19.95. 


Sophie 's dance class: A pull-the-tab book. By Ruth 
Tilden. Hyperion. March. 10 pages. 6x6 14. $9.95. 

Tadpole to frog. Cartwheel. March. 8 pages. 4x4. 
$4.95. 0-590-54346-6. 

Walt Disney's 101 dalmalions pop-up book. Disnev 
Press. April. 12 pages. 8 x 10. $12.95. 0-7868-3093-x. 

The wide-mouthed frog. By Keith Faulkner. Dial. March. 
16 pages. 10x10. $10.95.0-8037-1875-6.